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20170821 – San Marcos ISD Board of Trustees Meeting

At the August 21, 2017 San Marcos ISD Board of Trustees Meeting, Trustee Miguel Arredondo made a motion (seconded by Trustee Anne Halsey) to approve a list of proposed SHAC members.  The Trustee changed the list that had been previously received by the Trustees by striking Naomi Narvaiz’s name and adding additional names.  Trustee John McGlothlin challenged the fact that there seemed to be two process to get on the list 1) application process through the district and 2) email Miguel.  He also pointed out that Trustee Miguel had done “selective adjustments to take people off.”

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What process does your school district use to appoint members to the School Health Advisory Council in your district?  San Marcos ISD taxpayers and parents should challenge the Trustees on the inconsistent process that is being pursued at the Board of Trustees.  According to the Trustee profiles, Trustee McGlothlin and Trustee Halsey are up for reelection in 2018.

This past election cycle, we outlined good questions for your Trustees in election here –  Hold your Trustees accountable by first and foremost VOTING!


UPDATED: 10/7/2017

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Minutes from the Meeting –

Excerpt from the Minutes –

“B. Consider Approval of Student Health Advisory Committee Members MOTION: Miguel Arredondo made a motion to approve SHAC committee members: Marty Nelson, Jennifer Vogel, Lisa Mazur, Hannah Dray, Deborah Gauntlett, Dr. Sue Ann Harrison, Lindsey Martinez, Carol Peters, Britney Cross, Jemm Corona-Morris, Arlene Mendoza, Mark DeLeon, Erica Lynn Perez, Samantha Armbruster, Karen Munoz, Dr. Elanor Close, Dr. Billy Stokes, Lisa Prewitt, Gabrielle Moore, Dr. Mari Salmi, Michael Lien, and Megan Osbourne, (omitting Naomi Narvaiz) Motion seconded by Anne Halsey. A vote was taken and failed 3-3 due to a lack of majority with Miguel Arredodo, Anne Halsey, and Clem Cantu voting in favor, John McGlothlin, Margie Villapando, and Kathy Hansen voting against, and Lupe Costilla absent.

MOTION: Motion made by Miguel Arredondo and seconded by Anne Halsey to Postpone Appointment of SHAC Committee Members until September board meeting and to reopen application process until September 8th. A vote was taken and passed 4-2 with Trustees John McGlothlin and Kathy Hansen voting against the motion.”