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San Marcos Campaign against Naomi Narvaiz appointment to SHAC

UPDATE: The Facebook event was deleted.  Here is the new link –

Naomi Narvaiz is being targeted for removal from the School Health Advisory Council in the San Marcos Consolidated ISD.  This type of campaign is highly unusual for a Citizen Committee that was presented, discussed, and approved by the Trustees of a School District.  What is going on in San Marcos that has invoked such hatred for a conservative community member?

The group Mano Amiga has posted attacks and launched a protest for the next School Board Meeting planned for October 16 in an attempt to have Narvaiz removed.

Last month, the Board of Trustees approved a group of applicants for their School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) — unfortunately, among them was Naomi Narvaiz, an extremist activist in Hays County, whose disturbingly fringe views, until now, were not fully known to the School Board.

Her personal Twitter account routinely broadcasts bigoted ideas — decrying the “Islamic infiltration” of the U.S., labeling transgender folks as suffering a “mental disorder,” claiming gay marriage harms kids & stems from “child rape,” advocating to “Deport all Dreamers,” depicting yoga as “witchcraft,” etc. — & we have faith that, upon a thorough review of her toxic worldview, our School Board will make the prudent choice of protecting SMCISD youth from her hateful ideas.

We invite you to convey your concern — that a person with such dangerously backward views would hold a position of power, with real consequences for our city’s children, many of whom are Muslim, from immigrant families, not heterosexual, believe in evolution or practice yoga — directly to the School Board, asking they swiftly remove her from SHAC:,,,,,,

At the School Board meeting, Mano Amiga will provide food for those who show up at 5:30PM.
Between now & then, we will steadily post images from the horrifying trove of Ms. Narvaiz’s public commentary via social media to underscore that she is empirically unfit for SHAC.

We invite supporters of this growing coalition of common cause — of immigrants & their loved ones, of Muslims, of yoga practicioners, of the LGBTQIA+ community — to make a poster for the School Board meeting that simply quotes one of Ms. Narvaiz’s outlandish public comments. There are so many; you are free, of course, to take your choice.”