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San Marcos Consolidated ISD Human Sexuality Instruction 2016-2017

According to the San Marcos Consolidated ISD SHAC Website, the SHAC had set the following Proposed Goals and areas of interest for 2016-2017:

  1. Increase and improve the partnerships in community health.
  2. Management/leadership positions of the school district and individual campuses be in required attendance for the meeting.  The development and involvement of PTO/PTA Healthy Lifestyle Chair in the SHAC.
  3.  A full time District Health Coordinator.
  4. Focus for the 2016-2017 SHAC:
    1. Suicide Awareness and Prevention,
    2. Bullying including in social media
    3. Human Development- training and implementation of the sex education of the district.

San Marcos Cons ISD provided information on the Human Sexuality Instruction and Counseling/Guidance in a response to an open records request in May 2017.  According to the response, Big Decisions (4th Edition) was taught in High School Advisory classes this year and will be taught in Biology next year.  Draw the Line/Respect the Line is taught on Middle School campuses in science classes with parent denial option.

The only SHAC minutes posted at this date are from April 2016 and show discussion regarding “funding for training for Big Decisions and participation in the study on Big Decisions.”

The following document is a redacted version of what was provided.

“Dear Officer for Public Records,

This request is made under the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Texas Government Code, which guarantees the public’s access to information in the custody of governmental agencies.

I respectfully request the following information:

Human Sexuality Instruction.  Please provide scope and sequence for Human Sexuality Instruction in the district and parental notification forms.

Counseling/Guidance Programs.  Please provide summary level of the content of each counseling and guidance program used in the school district including but not limited to Welcoming Schools, Social Emotional Learning, Leader in Me, Trevor Romain, anti-bullying programs, and character education.  Please include schools and grades implementing each program and scope and sequence.

The Freedom of Information Act provides that if portions of a document are exempt, the remainder must be segregated and released. Therefore, I would appreciate your sending me all nonexempt portions of those records I have requested.

If you decide to withhold or delete any information, please let me know of your decision by referencing specific exemptions under the Act.  Under provisions of the Public Information Act, I reserve the right to appeal should you determine to withhold any information sought in my request.

Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to receiving your reply within 10 business days, as provided by law.”

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Tina and Marco story from Draw the Line/Respect the Line Sexual Risk Reduction program

Draw the Line/Respect the Line, Sexual Risk Reduction program created by ETR Associates, has been adopted by North East(NEISD), Edgewood ISD, Harlandale (HISD), East Central ISD, Southside ISD, South San Antonio ISD, and San Antonio (SAISD).

In this video, a Northeast ISD parent reads a 7th grade lesson, the Tina and Marco Story, to the Northeast ISD Board of Trustees.

Many Sexual Risk Reduction programs are published by ETR Associates, the former education department for Planned Parenthood Santa Cruz.

Sexual Risk Reduction programs focus on teaching students how to use condoms so that they can reduce their risks instead of teaching them the benefits of Sexual Risk Avoidance.


According to the ETR Website, DTL/RTL “had no impact on any of these outcomes for girls” and “had no impact on condom use by students of either gender.”


From grades 6 through 9, boys from the DTL/RTL schools were significantly less likely to report having initiated sexual activity than boys from the control schools, and the magnitude of this difference increased with time. The program had no impact on girls in this regard.

At every follow-up, boys from the DTL/RTL schools were significantly less likely to have engaged in sex during the past 12 months than boys from the control group schools. Furthermore, at the grade 8 follow-up, boys from the DTL/RTL schools reported having engaged in sex significantly less frequently and with fewer partners over the past year than boys from control group schools. The program had no impact on any of these outcomes for girls.

Both boys and girls from DTL/RTL schools had greater HIV and condom-related knowledge than control group students, and this difference remained significant through the grade 9 follow-up.

The program had no impact on condom use by students of either gender.

Research Study Citation

Coyle, K.K., Kirby, D.B., Marin, B.V., Gomez, C.A., & Gregorich, S.E. (2004). Draw the Line/Respect the Line: A randomized trial of a middle school intervention to reduce sexual risk behaviors. American Journal of Public Health, 94(5), 843–851.”

Karin Coyle is the Chief Science Officer of ETR Associates and serves on the SIECUS Board of Directors.

SIECUS is the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, created in 1964 by Mary Calderone, medical director for Planned Parenthood, using funds provided by Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Foundation.


Draw the Line/Respect the Line

Draw the Line/Respect the Line and Planned Parenthood

As ETR has attempted to streamline the Sexual Risk Reduction programs developed with Planned Parenthood, the websites have been cleaned up to remove references to Planned Parenthood.

A few years ago Draw the Line/Respect the Line’s page included Planned Parenthood references. (See graphic captured.)


Draw the Line/Respect the Line · Northeast ISD

FB Live Video – DTL/RTL Consent and Refusal Skills Lesson

In this FB live video, Melissa Beckett reads the Tina and Marco story, an example of Consent and Refusal Skills Lesson in Draw the Line/Respect the Line Human Sexuality Instruction used at Northeast ISD and many other San Antonio school districts.


Draw the Line/Respect the Line · Northeast ISD

Northeast ISD School Board Meeting March 27

Draw the Line/Respect the Line from ETR is a Sexual Risk Reduction program in many San Antonio schools. ETR is the former education department of Planned Parenthood Santa Cruz. Healthy Futures Texas and UT Health Science Center San Antonio worked with the school districts to push this program in the schools.

Northeast ISD Parents are speaking out against the program. Join them at the School Board Meeting this Monday to let school board members know what you think about the program.

Melissa Beckett does a great job of explaining how DTL/RTL violates Texas Education Code 28.004 in her Facebook Live videos and her State Board of Education testimony at –

San Antonio Family Association sponsored Parent Education Seminars last August regarding the curriculum –

More information is available at –