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Health TEKS Review Process

Situation: Texas State Board of Education is reviewing the Health standards, called TEKS.  The drafts all include “Sexual Risk Avoidance and Sexual Risk Reduction” as a single “substrand” under the “strand” Reproductive and Sexual Health.

Four moms testified on Wednesday, November 13, to inform the process.  After 3 minutes prepared testimony each, the Board asked the four of us to step up to the microphones for some questions.  Below are some highlights.

Prepared Testimony:


The workgroups will continue to work through the details of this process and a “first draft” will be reviewed by the Board at their June 2020 meeting.  Once the standards are set, then the textbook selection process will begin.

As always, the opposition (SIECUS and Texas Freedom Network) has opinions on the standards:

  • “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change course and adopt a medically accurate sex ed curriculum that includes information on birth control and is inclusive of LGBTQ people.”
  • “Because of the state’s size, Texas has had a major influence on the national textbook market over the years. Publishers write textbooks to conform to the Texas standards and then sell those textbooks in other states as well.”

And, of course, there is a white paper to summarize their recommendations –