History of Sex Education

History of Sex Education and Feminism


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The first wave of Feminism focused on the right to vote, own property, and pursue an education. Margaret Sanger and others in the Eugenics movement sought to influence Sex Education, while Suffragettes including Susan B Anthony opposed abortion and valued marriage and motherhood.

The second wave of Feminism ushered in the Sexual Revolution with Dr. Alfred Kinsey and Playboy, and during this time Pope John Paul II delivered 129 lectures on the meaning of the human body and sexuality. In 1972, Phyllis Shlafly started the Texas Eagle Forum; and in 1979, Beverly LaHaye founded Concerned Women for America.

The current and third wave of Feminism has focused on deconstruction of the family and “gender fluidity” also known as “gender ideology.”

Feminism is reflected in the history of Sex Education and this article by Valerie Huber (President of Ascend, formerly National Abstinence Education Association) does a great job of explaining the societal and political influences through U.S. History.


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History of Sex Education

Eric Metaxas interviews Dr. Judith Reisman

Eric Metaxas aired his interview with Dr. Judith Reisman on March 13, 2017. Dr. Reisman is a researcher & author, historian & teacher. She has “focused on pornography as a pandemic, addicting men, women and children and upon exposing Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey’s fraudulent sex science research and education.”