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Center for Relationship Education: Parents are Essential

“The essential role of parents in fulfilling children’s needs stems from the decisive influence of the first years of life for a child’s intellectual, emotional and moral development. This fundamental psychological insight is generally recognized and accepted. The CDC Family Structure Study released December 2010 reveals that children living in nuclear families – that is, in families consisting of two married adults who are the biological or adoptive parents of all children in the family – were generally healthier, more likely to have access to health care and less likely to have definite or severe emotional or behavioral difficulties than children living in nonnuclear families. – See more at:”


10 Tips on How NOT to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

“Audrey Werner, a former sex educator and then STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Clinic nurse, was challenged to look into the origins of sex education; including a popular Christian sex education program called “The Learning about Sex” series. What she found was a man by the name of Alfred Kinsey, leaders of Planned Parenthood—the world’s leading abortion provider—and financial backing of those in the pornography industry. Through twenty years of research and interviews, Audrey has not only compiled the facts about the origins of sex education, but she gives parents the tools to raise pure children in this sexualized culture. Audrey provides a powerful tool to help equip any parent, faith leader, or individual who is concerned with reducing teen pregnancy and venereal disease rates, as well as eliminating sexual exploitation and abuse of children.”



Sex, Lies, and Hook-Ups

In the book, Sex, Lies, and Hook-Ups, abstinence is defined as:

“NOT participating in ANY sexual activity OUTSIDE of marriage.”

(Emphasis added.) This definition is succinct and easy to understand for young people.

Parents and educators should provide loving and firm boundaries for teens. Many Sexual Risk Reduction programs allow the student to define abstinence for themselves.

What definition of abstinence does your school district use when and if they teach Human Sexuality Instruction?…/…/ref=sr_1_1…