Austin ISD · Pflugerville ISD

Spring 2017 Changing Lives Youth Theatre

ALERT: Changing Lives Youth Theatre, a program of Expect Respect and Safe Place, tours the Austin area school districts with performances that address bullying, sexual harassment, cyberbullying, sexting and dating abuse.

The Show called Level Up, for example, is described as follows:
“An Epic Relationship Adventure, tracks the journey of 4 teens who find one another and “create a new game” to escape their problems. Through the framework of video games the characters find the skills they need to navigate challenges in their lives and relationships: Alex overcomes their extreme anxiety to find a community of supportive friends; Ray learns how to ask for help to seek safety from domestic violence threatening his home; Jade finds her voice to stand up to her girlfriend’s pressure to come out to her dad; and Zara discovers how to navigate the complexity of maintaining her Muslim heritage while embracing her identity as an American teenager. The play explores how challenges with our families can complicate our dating and peer relationships. Ultimately the characters discover the power of agency, community, allies, and assertive communication to address their problems and strengthen their relationships.”

The Spring 2017 tour include middle schools throughout the Austin metro area including: Webb, Covington, Bedichek, Gus Garcia, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Manor, Pflugerville, Dessau, and Del Valle.

* How are parents portrayed in these programs?
* Are parents notified and allowed to opt out students?
* How can parents review scripts of productions from outside organizations?