Texas Legislative Issues

Texas 85R HB 4138 referred to Public Education Committee

Texas 85R HB 4138 has been referred to the Public Education Committee. This bill would:
1) require school districts, trustees, and SHACs to be more accountable to the parents and citizens
– requires all SHAC members to be appointed by trustees
– requires notification of Human Sexuality Instruction on district website, not just summary, but full and fair disclosure
– requires SHAC minutes to be posted online
– requires district to inform parents if a change to Human Sexuality Instruction is being proposed
– allows grievance to be filed with regards to all of the section not just a subsection; and
2) close a loophole that prevents condom distribution only during instruction and expanded the prohibition to all contraception.

The Texas Freedom Network is “Monitoring” this bill noting that it ‘would require notices to parents any time a change is made to a district’s sex education instruction.”

You can read the text here:

Contact Representatives in the House Education Committee to ask for a Hearing and for their support –
Dan.Huberty@house.state.tx.us, Diego.Bernal@house.texas.gov, Alma.Allen@house.texas.gov, Joe.Deshotel@house.texas.gov, Harold.Dutton@house.texas.gov, Lance.Gooden@house.texas.gov, Dwayne.Bohac@house.texas.gov, Ken.King@house.texas.gov, Linda.Koop@house.texas.gov, Morgan.Meyer@house.texas.gov, Gary.VanDeaver@house.texas.gov

Texas Legislative Issues

Texas 85R HB 218 Introduced

Thank you, Representative Tony Dale for proposing a bill that would tackle the problem with inappropriate student/teacher relationships in Texas schools! Contact Representative Dale to thank him and ask your Representative to support HB 218.

Email: Tony.Dale@house.state.tx.us