What should be taught?

Parents have the most influence on their child’s decisions to engage in risky sexual behavior.  An ongoing discussion with your child is better than any curriculum in the classroom.

Ascend, formerly National Abstinence Education Association, has a Parent Toolkit with advice and a chart showing the difference between SRA and SRR.


Comprehensive Sex Education programs are known to include up to 15 Harmful Elements to children.  A Summary of those are available through the Stop Comprehensive Sex Education initiative.

Biblical Purity

Parents can find resources that are free from Harmful Elements including influences of fraudulent Kinsey science on the Matthew VXIII site.

Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Programs

  • Austin Lifeguard
  • Choosing the Best
  • Heritage Keepers

Sexual Risk Reduction (SRR) Programs

  • Big Decisions
  • Draw the Line/Respect the Line
  • It’s Your Game
  • Reducing the Risk

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